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And secondly, while doing this, to become as fully acquainted with his scholars as possible. Whenever strictness of discipline is unpopular, it is rendered so, simply by the ill-humored and ill-judged means, by which it is attempted to be introduced. Lay before them, and enforce, by all the means in your power, the principles of christian duty, but do not converse with them for the purpose of gratifying your curiosity in regard to their piety, or your spiritual pride by counting up the numbers of those who have been led to piety by your influence. You can guard against the extra temptation by extra care; and on the whole, as I believe you are pretty good boys, I will let you have your choice. "But I heard a boy say," replied the master, "that they ought not to be made to grow so. He is acquiring _skill_, which, at some future time, he may make the means of increasing his knowledge, to any extent. "Yes, there were several writers. " "What did he do at this time?" "Mended pens. She then proposed her example to the one next in the line, with whom the same course was pursued, and thus it passed down the class. Other requisites were necessary besides the correct formation of the letters, to enable one to pass; for example, the page must not be soiled or blotted, no paper must be wasted, and, in no case, a leaf torn out.

The fact is, children love system and regularity. There must be nothing feigned or hypocritical; no hackneyed phrases used without meaning, or intonations of assumed solemnity. (5. _ Though coming to school a few minutes earlier or later, may not in itself be a matter of much consequence, yet the habit of being five minutes too late, if once formed, will, in actual life, be a source of great inconvenience, and sometimes of lasting injury. As many as have thought of any thing to write, may raise their hands. This may be done in the form of subjects assigned for composition, skinfold bodyfat chart or proposed for free discussion in writing or conversation, or, the Superintendents may write themselves, and read to the section the instructions they wish to give. Parents have the ultimate right to decide how their children shall be educated.

Now I wish to know, at the outset, whether you do or do not wish to help me. A young man, while preparing for college, takes a school. The reason is that in all these employments, and in fact skinfold bodyfat chart in most of the employments of life, there is so much to diversify, so many little incidents constantly occurring to animate and relieve, and so much bodily exercise, which alternates with, and suspends the fatigues of the mind, that the labors may be much longer continued, and with less cessation, and yet the health not suffer. " "Then why should any boy or girl wish to give me trouble or pain?" There was a pause. They are such as the following. " "And what were you doing with it?" _George.

In her answers to questions with which she should be familiar, she always manifests more or less of hesitation, and what she ventures to express, is very commonly in the form of a question. This may be the case with a most excellent teacher,--and one well qualified for his business. "My duty to this school," said a teacher to his pupils, "demands, as I suppose you all admit, that I should require you all to be here punctually at the time appointed for the commencement of the school. On one seat, you will find a coarse, rough looking boy, who will openly disobey your commands and oppose your wishes; on another, a more sly rogue, whose demure and submissive look is assumed, to conceal a mischief-making disposition. On the other hand a slavish attachment to old established practices may prevail. Two ways of remedying the evil. At the commencement skinfold bodyfat chart of the exercise the teacher calls upon all who have any information in regard to the topic assigned, suppose, for example it is _Alabaster_, to rise.

Now when I was a boy, it used to be considered dishonorable and cowardly for a large, strong boy to abuse a little one who cannot defend himself.

152 CHAPTER VI. " There was a pause. The teacher, after watching some time for an opportunity to humble him, one day overhears a difficulty among the boys, and looking out of the window, observes that he is taking away a sled from one of the little boys, to slide down hill upon, having none of his own. Their principles, motives, and ruling passions are essentially the same. " "No; it would not be prejudice in such a case. _ She does not look as if she had much taste for any thing; see, how strangely she fixes her hair. For let it be remembered that I am describing the skinfold bodyfat chart acts and feelings of a new beginner; of one who is commencing his work, with a feeble and trembling step, and perhaps this is his first step from the beaten path in which he has been accustomed to walk. The main design is to _interest the pupils_, in the management and the welfare of the school,--to identify them, as it were, with it. Your instructions are conducive to good effect, only to the one tenth or one twentieth of the extent, to which, under more favorable skinfold bodyfat chart circumstances, they might be made available. ] "This shows how much dependence you can justly place on first impressions. All will however be intended to answer some useful purpose, either to exhibit good or bad management and its consequences, or to bring to view some trait of human nature, as it exhibits itself in children, which it may be desirable for the teacher skinfold bodyfat chart to know.

This ought never to be exceeded. We have dwelt, perhaps, longer on this subject than we ought to have done in this place; but its importance, when viewed in skinfold bodyfat chart its bearings on the thousands of children daily assembling in our district schools, must be our apology.

They feel enough at home themselves, and the remembrance of the time when they entered skinfold bodyfat chart school, does not seem to arise in their minds. had observed even during the few days that Helen had been under her care, that she was totally unaccustomed to habits of diligence and application. A class should go on slowly, and dwell on details, so long as to fix firmly, and make perfectly familiar, whatever they undertake to learn. If the chestnuts were good, he was afraid they would pick them off and eat them, if they were small.

(1. The jury come forward to listen to the cause. It is so evidently a waste of time, both for master and scholar. _ (See plan; page 196. Each scholar was allowed to whisper in relation to her studies.

This method of communicating knowledge is very extensively resorted to in the medical profession, where writers detail particular cases, and report the symptoms and the treatment for each succeeding day, so that the reader may almost fancy himself actually a visiter at the sick bed, and the nature and effects of the various prescriptions become fixed in the mind, with almost as much distinctness skinfold bodyfat chart and permanency as actual experience would give. The same individual may be both the Teacher of a class, and the Superintendent of a section. _ (See plan. " "Yes sir, Yes sir," said the boys.

He thinks he must however, carry out his _principle_. Through this wrapper, all questions are asked, all complaints entered, all proposals made. You will observe too, that by this plan of having a great many classes reciting through the first three hours of the morning, every pupil can be employed as much or as little as her parents please.

1. I do not recommend the attempt to teach on so extensive a scale; I admit that it is impracticable; skinfold bodyfat chart I only mean to show in what the impracticability consists, namely, in the difficulty of making such arrangements as to derive the full benefit from the instructions rendered. _Emily.

105 CHAPTER V. _ was written under the line, and he could then skinfold bodyfat chart proceed to the next lesson.

You _must not do any thing which you may know, by proper reflection, to be in itself wrong_. 3. It will be difficult, but I think you may be able to accomplish it. But if, on the other hand, no such objections are made known to him, he need not raise the question himself at all, but take it for granted that in a Christian land there will be no objection to imploring the divine protection and blessing at the opening of a daily school. It seems to me that it shows very clearly, that one ought to teach his pupils, as much as possible, _in masses_, and as little as possible, by private attention to individual cases. The experiment is worth something as a pleasant and useful change, even if it is not permanently superior to the other. ] A teacher, by adopting the following plan, succeeded in awakening a great degree of interest in this subject, and consequently, of promoting skinfold bodyfat chart rapid improvement. Confession.

You have all seen those beautiful, regular skinfold bodyfat chart webs, in the morning dew, ("Yes, sir," "Yes sir. Instead of vainly skinfold bodyfat chart attempting to attend simultaneously to a dozen things, they should so plan their work, that only one will demand attention. Sometimes the girls bring their battledoors to school. Look at that teacher, and consider for a moment, his condition. , who entered school to-day? _Miss Y. It is, however, possible to bring forward individual cases in such a way, as to produce a very strong moral effect, of the right kind.

Perfect regularity and order necessary. The parents would see and be pleased with the kind of interest they would see the teacher taking in his new duties. What were you doing?" The boys hesitate.

There is but one way skinfold bodyfat chart of doing this, and that is raising the personal characters and attainments of teachers themselves. For example, a mother was in the habit, when her little boy ran beyond his proscribed play-ground, of putting him into solitary confinement. He certainly is _plain_ enough. It does not appear to interest or please him at all. " Now for the parallel case. " "Have these boys done right, or wrong?" "Right;" "Wrong;" "Right;" answered their companions, variously. _Emily. Every thing is not to be done in school. What could the teacher mean? Had he discovered the trick?--and if so skinfold bodyfat chart skinfold bodyfat chart what _was_ he going to do? He grew more skinfold bodyfat chart and more uneasy, and resolved that, at all events, it was best for him to retreat. It will be observed too, that all the time this teacher skinfold bodyfat chart was performing these experiments, and watching, with intense interest, the results, his pupils were going skinfold bodyfat chart on undisturbed in their pursuits.

In a case of ill health, she may, as skinfold bodyfat chart has often been done in such cases at the request of parents, join one or two classes only, and occupy the whole forenoon in preparing for them, and be entirely free from school duties at home. No, even if the work you are assigning to a class is easy, do not tell them so, unless you wish to destroy all their spirit and interest in doing it; and if you wish to excite their spirit and interest, make your work difficult, and let them skinfold bodyfat chart see that you know it is so. (1. " "Proposed, that we be allowed to walk upon the common in the recesses. These skinfold bodyfat chart two objects are, it is plain, entirely distinct. Bad termination.

But, though an overwhelming majority can be reached by such methods as these, all cannot.

Design in appointing them. It is the little effort made by the scholars to become acquainted with the new ones who enter. "You know," I continued, addressing the whole, "what sort of persons the girls, who compose this school are. But still, the ultimate power is theirs. In my own school, this practice has had a very powerful effect. I have italicised the words _for general use_, for no delusion is more common than for a teacher to suppose, that because a text-book which he has prepared and uses in manuscript, is better for _him_ than any other work which he can obtain, it will therefore be better for _general circulation_.

The teacher gives them an example in addition, requesting them when they have performed it to rise. --I wonder who told him I could make whistles?" He would find, too, that the new enjoyment was far higher and purer than the old, and would have little disposition to return to the latter.

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